Brake service

Professional Brake Repair and Replacement Services

The most important safety feature of your car, truck, or SUV is its brake system. Protect yourself and your passengers with expert brake services from Muffler Clinic and Brake today. Make sure that your vehicle's brakes are up to the challenge of a Minnesota winter.
If you notice that your brakes aren't as responsive as they usually are, or you don't feel the same resistance when you press the brake pedal, bring your vehicle for a regular inspection or maintenance service. We also have OEM parts available at our garage.
Brake service

A Wide Array of Brake Services

  • Brake shoes
  • Pads and drums
  • Rotors and calipers
  • Brake hoses and more
Brake hoses

Complete Brake Fluid Flush Services

Just like your car won't run well without regular oil changes, it won't stop well if you don't track your brake fluid levels. Bring your car to Muffler Clinic and Brake today for brake testing and a complete brake fluid flush and replacement.

As a member of the community, we drive the hills of Duluth every day and in all kinds of weather. Good brakes will stop your vehicle in even the worst conditions, and in Duluth, you can't settle for anything less. Visit 323 E Central Entrance today!
Get a FREE estimate on our brake services. Visit 323 E Central Entrance.
"I have a 2003 Prius whose exhaust was partly rusted out. The Toyota dealer told me that it would have to be completely replaced for 2 to 4K. The muffler shop in Hermantown wouldn't touch it because it's a hybrid. I brought the car to the Muffler Clinic and the guy was able to cut out the rusted piece and fashion a new piece to weld on. He said it was a little complicated because of the shape of the undercarriage, but he made it work and all for $60. My only complaint is that the undercarriage now squeaks / groans when I hit the gas or the break; I am guessing because the refashioned piece is not a perfect fit. But, for $60 on a 12 year old car, it was totally worth it. Additionally, the guy I worked with was extremely nice and helpful. Would definitely go back."

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